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For a limited time -HFVTCamera/Monitor Sets   

This is a  unique opportunity to install a high quality back up camera and monitors at a fraction of the cost.  With this back up camera system, your customers can switch lanes or back up safely and with confidence.

Program 1:

HF-4.3AD Monitor/HF-S0001-BL Camera Set:  $185/set

  • HF-4.3-AD is our auto dimming monitor with a high reflectance >70% and low relecttance of <~10%; Operating Voltage 9-16 V; Maximum current <450 milliamps; Storage Temperature -40°C to +100°C
  • HF-S001-BL is one of our most popular designed dual mount license top mount HD camera

Program 2:

HF-4.3B Mirror Monitor/HF-S0001-BL Camera Set: $169.95/ set

This package includes the HF-4.3B which is our basic TFT-LCD mirror monitor coupled with one of our most popular HF-S0001-BL dual license bar or lip mount camera. With this program you also receive a FREE lip mount camera (HF-1001-SQ) valued at $49.95.