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HFVT has grown exponentially since its inception in 1996 from its basic Bluetooth harness with Parrot Bluetooth car kit in 2004 when Bluetooth was in its infancy stage, and not well used in the industry. As you may already know and have experienced many 12 Volt installers and companies, for that matter, used cut and splice methods while installing Bluetooth technology. It was not long for HFVT to become recognized within this industry and for its popularity to steadily increase due on large part to their commitment to offering the highest quality products and to excellence in customer service.

In early 2007, HFVTs development of the only 24-pin AMK harness became their next major success. With the introduction of this new style harness, HFVT was able to expand their business line to allow for a much greater diversity of this plug and play harness to the 12 volt industry. This would not only simplify the installation process but open the opportunity for installers to use this same harness when choosing a variety of other Bluetooth car kits. This was a dramatic change in how business was viewed and how 12 volts stores now conducted business.

Installation was made easier, customers were happier because wires were no longer needed to be cut in their vehicles and installation was much quicker, allowing our customers with extra time for their customers and/or additional installations.

With the rise in sales for the standard AMK harness, HFVT began its next phase. In 2010 HVTs R&D began to design and develop specific adapters recognizing the need to meet the demands of Bluetooth car kits other than Parrot such as: AV TEK, BLU-LOGIC, G2B and Novero. 12 Volt stores can now use the universal HFVT Bluetooth harness, and by just adding the appropriate adapter, configure integration on any of these adapters for successful installations.

In 2011, HFVT continued to move forward. HFVT developed and manufactured the first amplified box that provided 4 channel output. Prior to this time, most of the amplified boxes allowed for only a 2 channel. In 2012 HFVT worked with its manufactures to develop a fiber optic box to meet the needs of an essential part of the industry, which otherwise would be left out. In certain European vehicles like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen and Volvo, the traditional method of installing harnesses does not work. HFVT made it possible through a new fiber optic solution (HF-AUD-FO and HF-AUD-FOV) to allow such installations to occur.

Most recently, HFVT created a simpler harness to replace the bulkiness of the amplified Lexus harness. The HF-LEXUS-AMK2 not only replaces the amplified system, but is more adaptable and sustainable to its customers.

Since the first production of harnesses in 1996, HFVT has expanded its product line dramatically. And now, with the inception of a variety of backup cameras and monitors to support their partnership with its manufacturers, HFVT is here to stay.

HFVT is dedicated to the service it provides for 12 volt stores, installers, and retail customers, and is proud to offer leading edge technology. HFVT has gained that respect within the industry, and will always be driven on the safety of the end user.

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